Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Good Day, Sunshine!

Liam as a youngster.
 We know Nature’s laws cannot be ignored. However, the fourth naturopathic Law of Health, SUNLIGHT, has been somewhat confused in past decades. First, the effects of sunlight weren’t given much thought. Then it was thought very detrimental. Now it is known to be healthy for the essential natural vitamin D provided. 

Animals know they need sunlight to stay healthy. In fact, their fur collects and stores vitamin D from the sun, releasing it slowly as needed. Whether it is 10 degrees or 90 degrees outside, my dogs seek out the sun. Even while indoors if there is a swathe of sunshine to be found anywhere on the floor I’m sure to see one soaking it up! My kitty is often curled up on a sun-drenched window sill.

Ranch life makes it easy for my dogs to get all the exercise and sunshine their loving heart’s desire. Granted, the majority of pet owners don’t live in the country, but you still can and should apply all of the eight great Laws in your pets’ lives – it just might mean being a little creative!

Making sure they get the sunlight they need and desire during the winter months takes extra care, especially in certain sun-challenged geographic locations like our former home of western Washington. But it’s still feasible by grabbing an umbrella those rainy days or bundling up and heading outside with your dog on sunny days. That natural dose of vitamin D and exercise are great for you, too, and what a wonderful time for bonding and to do a little training!

In spring and summer it doesn’t require much effort to enjoy the sun’s healthful benefits, save for protecting our skin from too much exposure. Speaking as a person who is painfully hyper-sunsensitive, there are safe chemical-free topical products as well as a certain type of fabric from which a line of clothing is made that offer the needed protection. I still take in those wonderful rays as much as sensibly possible!

I hope you too will take advantage of the lovely sunny days where you are and get outside with your dog to take in the sunshine!