Wednesday, June 26, 2013

About Trust

We’ve come to the eighth Law of Health in Animal Naturopathy- TRUST. Language fascinates me. The meaning and nuances of words add such depth of understanding. The definition of the word trust according to Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary is “someone or something in which confidence is placed; to rely on the truthfulness or accuracy of."

Most people like the idea of trust, want to be trusting, and feel they are, even think they may be too trusting. However, there is also an element of hesitation or fear in regard to trust, and justifiably so. One needs to discover who or what is trustworthy? We are surrounded by both educated and self-proclaimed “experts” in many fields, the care of animals being one. Just who can we put confidence in when it comes to caring for our pets?

As avid students of the Bible we have learned there is no better one to unequivocally rely on than our Creator, Almighty God. This applies in the case of trusting that the way God created animals to eat according to each species is truly best for them. The truth is canines are carnivores; end of story. Look at how carnivores in the wild eat and simulate that as best you can. Trust that by feeding your dogs this way it will give them a solid foundation of health. And happiness! The pure enjoyment visible while a dog is eating its raw meat meal brings heartfelt delight to its Master as well! We agree with Animal Naturopaths and trust a species appropriate diet also.

When a person adopts a species appropriate raw diet for their carnivore, which is one of the elements of Natural Rearing, the body will purge itself of toxins down to a cellular level. Some symptoms of this detoxification are fever, cough, hotspots, yeasty ears, etc. One needs to trust the body’s innate ability to heal itself. Rather than suppress the symptoms, seek to support the body through natural modalities. In our mind this also involves respect for the animal as a whole- mind, body, and spirit.
Animals also trust us to care for and respect them. As a youngster it was my assignment and pleasure to look after the wild horses in an adjoining pasture. By treating them with gentleness, kindness, and respect they quickly came to trust me. Livestock reciprocate trust in turn by allowing us to basically harvest from them. A dairy animal displays one of the sweetest forms of trust, in essence adopting you and allowing milk to be collected by a human instead of or in addition to its offspring. That is really special when you stop to think about it! When an animal is injured or ill it requires a trusting relationship for them to allow us to tend to them.

Is Animal Naturopathy or Natural Rearing a panacea, meaning your pet will never get ill? Far from it; there are too many variables over which we have no absolute control. However, animals are vastly healthier when raised in this manner than ones reared conventionally. In the end, Animal Naturopathy is definitely worth putting Your confidence in!

Everyone needs a hand to hold onto when on a new path. As Natural Rearing breeders we are happy to mentor You!

Meet Ailagh!

Introducing the newest addition to our English Shepherd pack… Highland Glenn’s Blackrock Ailagh!

Ailagh is a stunningly beautiful Black & Tan with minor white who came to us by way of her owner/breeder whose life circumstances changed dramatically. She needed to find a home for Ailagh in which she could blossom contentedly. Interestingly enough, we had hoped to get a female from Ailagh’s litter (knowing the cross with Liam’s lines would be a good one) but decided to keep one of our puppies. Isn’t it funny how things happen? 

We are simply tickled pink to have her! Ailagh (pronounced AY-la) and Fahey met last fall, hitting if off right away. Well they are the best of mates now! Ailagh is Naturally Reared like our dogs so will expand our line of Naturally Reared English Shepherds.

Let me tell you the story about her name, and there is a story! She came to us named “Aella”, which is Greek and means “whirlwind”. We thought it important for her to keep her name, but you all know how we love Scottish/Irish Gaelic names. We wanted her to have one too, while somehow staying true to her original name. It just so happens the way her Greek name is pronounced could be given a Gaelic spelling without changing the pronunciation. Much like parents who make up names for their children, we made up a Gaelic name for her! This also means there isn’t an actual meaning to the name “Ailagh”, so we’ll attach the meaning of her Greek name to it- whirlwind. And she has taken us by storm! 
It is said that it takes four generations of Naturally Reared dogs to wipe the DNA-slate as it were clean of damage. With the addition of Ailagh we are well on our way!