Thursday, April 25, 2013

Green Hills of Home

Our highland mountain home is taking on the quintessential fresh green hue of spring with the leafing out of trees and shrubs, to the new shoots of native grasses and sweeping hay fields. Wildlife and livestock have already begun nibbling on the sweet, succulent grass. By my observation, a few of the Eight Laws of Health can be applied to lowly grass: NUTRITION, WATER, SUN, AIR, and REST.

Nutrition: this is obvious is relation to herbivores and omnivores. Even carnivores periodically imbibe for digestion and self-medication, seeking out certain grasses and plants to fill their needs… instinctively. Water: the fresh morning dew or new fallen raindrops collected on each blade of grass clean a dogs coat while rolling on it as they often do; Sun: chlorophyll provided by photosynthesis thanks to the sun may provide benefits to skin and coat as it does when taken internally; Air: the characteristic scent of cut or crushed grass may stir “life-is-good” feelings;  Rest: oh, how delightful it is on a warm day to snooze in the shade on a soft cushion of cool grass! And what about the grounding influence of simply being outside in direct contact with the earth?

Who would’ve thought humble little blades of grass could offer so many healthful benefits! Low in stature and often overlooked, perhaps, but lowly in importance, never.

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