Thursday, May 30, 2013

Stop to Smell the Roses

The seventh of the 8 Laws of Health is… REST. In our hectic society rest is not something we usually get enough of. Aside from sleep (which most are deprived of anyway), we don’t even think of regular rest as a necessary activity

Yes, an activity which we must plan for. If we over-do, our body will unequivocally tell us there’s no choice in the matter for a spell! Isn’t it wonderfully relaxing to sit before the warm glow of a fire on a cold day sipping a hot beverage, maybe reading a favorite book? Or outside on a summer day listening to the birds sing with a glass of iced herbal tea in hand? Regularly allowing time to engage in rest will help a person keep healthy!

The same applies to our dogs. Although they may get more rest than they is good for them because of their family’s busy lifestyle, here I am specifically thinking of resting the digestive system. Believe it or not, digestion for any being is the hardest work it does. The canine carnivore has the wonderful ability to gently detoxify when allowed to rest from digestion. We may Naturally Rear our dogs and live in a rural setting, but there are many negative influences we have no control over – various air pollutants, radiation, EMF’s, etc. – and these are increased many-fold for those living in urban areas.

How does one give their dog a break from digestion? As usual, take a lesson from their wild cousins. They do not eat every single day. When a large kill is made they eat to their hearts content for a few days and then nothing while hunting for the next meal. A wolf sanctuary in western Washington practices a fasting time with their resident carnivores. For us at home this is accomplished by giving a Fast Day once each week.

Some dogs may seem too hungry for a complete Fast, or their active lifestyle may burn a lot of calories. So on Fast Days we give whole raw eggs with raw milk, or just one of those items. In any case, when we first put this into practice we saw some interesting results - their coats became shinier and there was less gunk in the corner of their eyes. Rather than suppress the elimination of toxins, we want to support the body’s innate healing ability.

Take a rest from the ‘noise’ of modern appliances and electronics. These can interfere with biorhythms and the ability to get deep rest. Some people and animals are highly sensitive to them, experiencing any number of health issues that seriously affect quality of life. 

One caution: cats are “obligate” carnivores which in part means they need to eat meat every day, so do not fast your cat. It could lead to organ damage.

We hope you will experiment with offering a Fast Day to see how resting the digestive system may help your dog!

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